Every verse of poetry or story found herein is a magical place to drop an anchor and fish, or snorkel and swim. When a story grabs your attention, drop a line, or just dive in. The mantras and characters in each story once unlocked contain one or more of these: a key, a jewel, or a token that opens new doors revealing the treasures of the Vedic Mind. 

यस्ते॒ स्तनः॑ शश॒यो यो म॑यो॒भूर्येन॒ विश्वा॒ पुष्य॑सि॒ वार्या॑णि । 

यो र॑त्न॒धा व॑सु॒विद्यः सु॒दत्रः॒ सर॑स्वति॒ तमि॒ह धात॑वे कः ॥ 

yaste stanaḥ śaśayo yo mayobhūryena viśvā puṣyasi vāryāṇi । 

yo ratnadhā vasuvidyaḥ sudatraḥ sarasvati tamiha dhātave kaḥ ॥ 

That chest of yours, endlessly flowing with delight; you nourish the treasures of the universe. Oh Sarasvatī, come here and make that trove of wealth and knowledge pour forth. 


Agni Pūjā

The Mysterious Spirit

from the Sāma Veda's Kena Upaniṣad

When the Vedic characters become haughty after defeating the Avedic characters....they get humbled