Introduction to Agni Pūjā 


Every verse of poetry or story found herein is a magical place to drop an anchor and fish, or snorkel and swim. When a story grabs your attention, drop a line, or just dive in. The mantras and characters in each story once unlocked contain one or more of these: a key, a jewel, or a token that opens new doors revealing the treasures of the Vedic Mind. 

यस्ते॒ स्तनः॑ शश॒यो यो म॑यो॒भूर्येन॒ विश्वा॒ पुष्य॑सि॒ वार्या॑णि । 

यो र॑त्न॒धा व॑सु॒विद्यः सु॒दत्रः॒ सर॑स्वति॒ तमि॒ह धात॑वे कः ॥ 

yaste stanaḥ śaśayo yo mayobhūryena viśvā puṣyasi vāryāṇi । 

yo ratnadhā vasuvidyaḥ sudatraḥ sarasvati tamiha dhātave kaḥ ॥ 

That chest of yours, endlessly flowing with delight; you nourish the treasures of the universe. Oh Sarasvatī, come here and make that trove of wealth and knowledge pour forth. 


Stay tuned for more from the Agni Pūjā

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